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Ties & Accessories

Made in a family-owned and operated factory in Northern Italy, our ties range from printed wool/silk blends to the finest garza fine and garza grossa grenadines. We have two collections to choose from: our 365 Collection which covers mostly silks and basic colors that can be worn to nearly any event, year-round. Our Seasonal Collection varies from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter and comes is a broad array of prints, weaves, jacquards, and knits. Aside from our knit Bobtail ties, Sartoria Triarii offers both 3-fold and 7-fold tie constructions in 2 different Makes:

Tipped: The most traditional of our tie Makes, the outer shell (a.k.a. the main fabric) of our Tipped tie is first cut by hand on the bias and then folded 3 times around a bias-cut, Como silk interlining, pinned in shape, stitched by hand and fastened shut using a traditional ‘punto occhiello’ cross-stitch, which is placed relatively far from the tip on both ends.

Untipped: Just like our Unconstructed jackets, our Untipped ties are completely void of all interfacing and/or linings, requiring even more time and care when it comes to their finishing, allowing you to easily examine their construction from the inside out. A classic 1930’s standard, the absence of a lining translates to a thinner tie, a slightly less full and therefore more casual look, and a lighter and cooler feel. Perfect for a less formal, nonchalant look.