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our Suits

Our core business is suits. So it stands to reason that we have put the utmost care and attention into every one. Cut and sewn using Old World artisanal techniques, we make suits that are fully canvassed and fully handmade, including details like a hand padded lapel and chest piece. Made using the finest fabrics from the best Italian mills: Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, E. Thomas, Solbiati and others. Using horn and other natural materials like corozo, our buttons easily slip though hand stitched button holes and have been shanked to give the front of the jacket room to move without restriction.

Our house cut is trim in the shoulders with a little bit of room in the chest, finally tapering to a narrow waistline. The lapels are cut a little bit wider, the button stance at the natural waist, sweeping into slightly open front quarters giving a graceful silhouette to the wearer.

Trousers sit higher on the waist giving a more international flair while remaining firmly within the boundaries of classic mens style. Professional with a touch of sprezzatura, our house cut easily transitions from the boardroom to evening events with ease. 

While we remain a su misura tailoring operation at our core, the demand from potential clients in yet-to-travel markets has pushed us to offer a Made-to-Order (MTO) programme in which you can select ready-to-wear (RTW) sizes in several of our current-season models. Those options can be found HERE.