Standard off-the-peg sizing is a by-product of convenience. In an effort to maximize sales, ready-to-wear brands produce clothes and accessories with measurements that are meant to fit everyone. This often results in a product that actually fits no one. That’s why everything we produce is made using your body measurements while making considerations for posture and lifestyle requirements.

Consultations last 30 to 90 minutes and include fabric selection, a discussion about your stylistic preferences and performance needs, as well as a full body fitting. This fitting includes taking more than 30 body measurements as well as analyzing your posture and any other pertinent details that will affect the final garment. We will then perform a fitting using a try-on garment. 

This step will allow us to establish a base-line for comparison between your body and pattern. It’s a step that is similar (although not exactly the same) as a first fitting during a traditional bespoke process known as a pocket baste or skeleton baste. While body measurements are extremely important to the process they don’t tell the whole story. In a bespoke process it’s said that the first fitting is for the tailor, the second fitting (known as a forward-fitting) is for the client. 

Our try-on garments help us communicate to you, the client, and help you communicate to us. It removes vague verbiage like “slim fit” by visually and definitively defining what these fit preferences should be.

Once completed, your garments are produced and set to arrive within 4-6 weeks. One final fitting is then performed and any minor alterations are made. The time from initial consultation to final arrival is 6 to 8 weeks. Measurements and posture analytics are then saved for successive orders.

Consultations are offered free of charge. Please refer to the TRUNK SHOWS page to get information regarding consultations outside of the Chicagoland area.